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The Clairtone Project G stereo was produced by Clairtone from 1964-67. Costing 2000$ new (approximately the equivalent of $20,000 today) the high price kept it from becoming a huge success. Despite it sounding and looking incredible, fewer than 400 Project G's were made. It was promoted by Frank Sinatra, Hugh Hefner, Oscar Peterson and other celebrities and found a niche within Hollywood and other trendsetters popping up on the sets of such movies as The Graduate, The Party and Zabriskie Point. Clairtone's co-founder, Peter Munk once quipped that, "The prime minister had one and if the local truck driver didn't have one, he wanted one."

It has gone on to become a Canadian design icon and has been featured in several books as well as a 6 month show at the Design Exchange in Toronto in 2008. If you are interested in any of these units please contact: /

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Below, the newest addition to the collection, the Dowling G - T4

10 minute CBC news feature about Clairtone from 2008

Below, the final, and lowest priced G, is the series was the compact
G3 system which was the most successful - as far as the number of units sold - making it today an affordable collectible

Frank Sintra next to a Project G from the 1965 movie, "Marriage on the Rocks". It was after filming this movie that Sintra, so taken with the Project G, ordered 7 of them for himself and as gifts to his inner circle of friends.

Dean Martin with the same Clairtone Project G fom the 1965 film, "Marriage on the Rocks"

Many of the units are featured in the Munk/Gotlieb book
The Art of Clairtone - The making of a Design Icon including the cover image which is the 'Winnipeg G' shown at the top of this page.

photo by George Whiteside

The Project G T10 features a Garrard Lab 80 Turntable with the interior having the horizontal layout - fewer than 300 of this model were produced.

The Project G T4 features an Elac 10 Turntable and
unusual vertical layout - less than 100 of this model

The G2 Collection

A Clairtone G2 featuring a dealer fitted reel-to-reel tape player where the record storage would normally go.

Below: the interior of the Found Project G with a factory fitted Ampex 1250 reel-to-reel.


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